About Us

It started with a phone call, resulting in an unexpected opportunity to have a dog in our lives.   ONE OF US made the executive decision to bring the puppy home without telling THE OTHER ONE.   Not long after an "I'll be back," there was a call to open the back door,  and in came Lorraine with this puppy!   Bisquit, as she was called, was a fine specimen of the miniature schnauzer breed.   We had no idea what  joys and challenges would follow, but bringing this puppy home was our introduction to schnauzers.

  Bisquit was crate trained; we weren't and had no idea what that meant.  Really quick learning experience for all of us. Oh, did I just say "ALL OF US"?  Yep, instant love.  We just didn't  know what had just changed our lives for the better.

    Having no yard containment where a puppy could run free,  it was the "WALK".   And someone (don't know who) in desperation walked Bisquit to the Eastborourgh Park one morning or evening.  That is when we learned Schnauzers  "NEVER FORGET". You will soon learn why.

    During this time the Bisquit escaped from the confines  of the yard and was stranded in the middle of a huge highway expansion just a few blocks from our house.  We did not know of her danger until son Nick came into our driveway with Bisquit in his lap/car. He had happened upon her in the intersection and called her to him.  She recognized him and jumped into his car.  She NEVER forgot that and would just love Nick to death whenever she saw him.

    She also never forgot the walk to the park. Grandsons took her, guests took her;  she knew how to say "Let's go to the Park."   We had to spell the words.

    The last day she was alive she made Lorraine take her the "long way" through the park.  That means every single path and way you can go in the park.  It was as though she knew this was the last time.   She was always the leader, leaning towards which way she wanted to go and then looking back at you, seeming to say "Hey, we are going this way."

    We had "The Bisquit" for eleven years.  She was diagnosed with diabetes at about five years. Meds, daily injections, surgeries,  and she fought through it all.  A real lesson to never give up, never settle.  Our vet called Bisquit "Her Phoenix" because she came back from near death so many times.

    Many tears when she passed.  And many stories saved in all our hearts.

    "We are going to get another dog" were the words I heard one day from Lorraine, months after "The Bisquit" had passed.  No argument from me.  Lorraine and I had discussed before "The Bisquit" had passed what we would do, and it only seemed natural to find that next special puppy.   A Standard Schnauzer was our choice because they are smart and loving and don't have health issues for the most part.

    So the search was on. We have several friends who breed dogs, and one of them offered to introduce us to Mrs. Schnauzer at the upcoming local dog show.  Introductions  were made. and after several months there were some litters coming available.  The timing for Phoenix's litter was in the best time frame for us, so we contacted Gus Calero, a Standard Schnauzer breeder.  On a warm spring day we traveled to the Dallas area and met Gus and his wife, Carolina,  and the puppies.  We (Lorraine) wanted a female and there were only two in this litter.  When we arrived to see the puppies, Gus and Carolina were giving the pups a bath and trimming toes.  The two females were in a pen on a tarp and soon they were in the sun.  Our soon-to-be Phoenix did not like the Texas sun much and crawled off the tarp and back underneath it, making her own shade.   Looking up at us , as to say look at me -  I am smart, and smart she is.

     At the time Gus asked  us if we would show  her or crop her ears, and we said we had no idea.  Then one fateful day as we were walking Phoenix, a neighbor (now friend) said with great enthusiasm, "Who is your handler?  And "You will show this dog, right?"  Little did we know what great times were in store for us and Phoenix.

     As time passed and Phoenix was ready to show,  she was gone most of the time, and doing a lot of winning.   As a matter of fact, she Grand Championed in just five days of showing.   But she was gone and not at home.  And we needed a dog at home.  So we put the word out that we needed another dog.  Not surprisingly, we got a phone call from a breeder with a pick #1 of a litter.  And along came Mr. Jaxx!  

    Our Jaxx is now on the show road and Phoenix is at home with us due late November 2018 with our second litter.  And so the story continues....